Collaboration Stories (part 1 of many): Care-Peat, LIFE Multi Peat, Peat Hub Ireland and AI2Peat join forces!

AI2Peat aims to contribute to the Conservation, Restoration and Monitoring (RCM) of peatlands in the most meaningful and useful way. To aim for that we follow a simple yet effective strategy:

  1. we continually interact with stakeholders;
  2. we gather their feedback;
  3. we implement new features or change existing ones in our platform;
  4. we repeat the the process.

The more the contributors to our platform we have, the higher the chances to make something meaningful and useful.

Care-Peat, LIFE Multi Peat, Peat Hub Ireland and AI2Peat join forces!

In accorance with strategy, and as a consequence of our activities in the SEED phase (see here and here), we have started a collaborative journey with three highly important peatland RCM projects (in strict alphabetical order):

  • Care-Peat: an Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) project with 12  partners working together to reduce carbon emissions and restore the carbon storage capacity of different types of peatlands in North-West Europe;
  • LIFE Multi Peat: a LIFE Programme funded project to restore and manage peatlands in Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland;
  • Peat Hub Ireland: a project funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency to collate evidence to encourage research, civic societies and policy makers to move towards an evidence-based and evidence-informed position with regard to the future sustainable management and better planning around this major national resource.

In our kick-off meeting (24th August 2023) we agreed to the following activities:

  • Peat Hub Ireland’s glossary of peatland-related terms will be shared to AI2Peat’s platform. Eventually, platform’s registered users will have the possibility to suggest edits to it;
  • Care-Peat will share its data with AI2Peat’s R&D Team to train its machine learning models for the condition map;
  • The three project members become AI2Peat contributors with all perks attached;
  • All project members will meet regularly – possibly monthly – to update each other and continue strenghtening their collaboration.

Join us in the collaboration journey!

Aside from becoming an AI2Peat contributor – we will never stop stressing it – you should also take part into Peat Hub Ireland’s survey. The survey aims as identifying knowledge gaps in peatland research and, furthermore, part of the insights gathered will contribute to the compilation of the glossary.

We are laying the foundations of a disruptive approach to peatland RCM: a complex adaptive system fuelled by collective intelligence. Join us!

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