AI2Peat Needs You!

We are currently developing a product composed of two interconnected features:

  1. An all-Ireland peatland condition map
  2. A sharing infrastructure, in which users decide what to share (and how) and, conversely, can access what other users decide to share

Needless to say, we want to ensure the outcome of the AI2Peat project will be beneficial to as many people involved in peatland restoration, conservation, monitoring and mapping. For these reasons we identify three types of users, depending on how they would interact with our R&D activities and shape AI2Peat: contributors, early adopters and regular users:

  • contributors will have a direct line of comunication with the R&D team, much similar to the whole AI2Peat team. Contributors will have a glimpse at the most recent developments and will be able to promptly suggest changes/improvements to the whole platform architecture. Essentially, they will have a chance to make AI2Peat a much tailored platform to them. It is yet to be defined how often, how regular and by which means such comunications will be established (e.g. bi-weekly online meetings or Slack channels). That’ll be defined with contributors!
  • early adopters will access all beta releases of AI2Peat. They will be able to see what new features will appear in the official releases and will have the chance to suggest modifications which might even make it into the official release. Early adopters will be kept in the loop regarding R&D activities via regular updates (e.g. recap emails)
  • regular users will access official releases of AI2Peat. They will still be able to provide suggestions via the platform itself. Direct comunication between the AI2Peat team and them will be kept at a minimum (e.g. notification emails about forthcoming releases)

Here’s a timeline recap:

And a table recap. All “catch-up moment” of the timeline above will be available to contributor users

UserCommunication with
the AI2Peat (R&D) team
Access to
development activities
Access to
Beta Releases
Access to
Official Releases
Contributorcontinuous (e.g. online meetings or chats)continuousYesYes
Early Adopterregular (e.g. status update emails)regularYesYes
Regular Userminimal (e.g. new release notification)none NoYes

And, of course, you can switch between categories any time!

Are you interested into becoming any of the 3 users? Then please let us know, fill up the form below, we will contact you back as soon as possible!

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