AI2Peat Needs You!

AI2Peat Needs You!

We have now entered the SEED phase of the AI2Peat project, during which we will develop a platform composed of two interconnected features:

  1. An all-Ireland peatland condition map
  2. A sharing infrastructure, in which users decide what to share (and how) and, conversely, can access what other users decide to share

In order to create value, our platform must be useful by as many peatland stakeholders as possible. One of the best ways to facilitate that is to involve them in the design process from the very beginning, much alike to what we did during the CONCEPT phase (interviews and ideation workshop).

We have therefore decided to develop our platform in an Agile way so that our stakeholders can gain early access to our platform, provide direct feedback to the R&D team and suggest new functionalities.

You can find out more about how to be involved in the design process by following the link below. Of course, you are also very welcome to contact us directly!

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