What Peatland Expert Are You? Results!

And here are the answers to the questionnaire. Count how many correct ones you have scored and then check below your level of expertise!

Question 1: Which one is edible?

Answer: The Left One

Question 2: What do peatland experts eat in Italy?

Answer: Peatza

Question 3: Which moss is in bad condition?

Answer: Maurice Moss

Question 4: Who will star in the forthcoming AI2Peat commercial?

Answer: Brad Pitt

Check your level of expertise!

# Correct AnswersExpertise ProfileDescription
4Quantum ParticleYou are entangled with all peatlands. When you are thirsty, wetlands are dry. When you drink, peatlands rewet. Could it be why you go to the pub so often?
3SommelierYou know so much you can always suggest a nice peatland for a given meal
2ChampionYou know enough about peatland to enter the Bog Snorkeling Championship and WIN IT
1Conspiracy TheoristThe only thing you know about peatland is that Santa Claus lives on a raised bog, not at the North Pole
0PhilosopherNow you know you know nothing about peatland. What else don’t you know? Do you know anything? What’s real and what’s not? What will you find after death? A raised or a blanket bog? Can it be a fen?

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